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Ever Wish...
You had a mommy who knows about computers?
and who would bring you virtual chicken soup??

Have you...
*Bought your first computer?
*Recently upgraded your computer?
*Recently gone on-line?
*Added a scanner or digital camera & need to understand it?
*Decided you need a web site for your small business?

Do you...
*Feel uncomfortable using a mouse?
*Choose an option, then don’t know how to get back to where you were?
*Need someone to call for advice?
*Need to understand Windows?

*Wish you knew how to organize your e-mail?
*Wish you knew how to find things on the Internet?
*Have computer questions that you’d like to have answered in a non-technical manner?

I can help...Give me a call...
Emy Shepherd
413-267-5210 or email me at

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